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Passenger FAQ


What is appTaxi?

appTaxi is a smartphone app for request a taxi in a few simple taps, available for iOS and Android.

How much does cost appTaxi?

The use and the download of the app appTaxi are totally free. The request of the taxi is free for the customer that have not to pay any compensation to appTaxi. There could be a supplement for the payment of the ride if it requested by the local administrative authorities of the taxi service by law.

How can I subscribe in appTaxi?

After downloading the app, follow the instructions and insert the data requested. You’ll receive a code by sms, insert it in the app to verify the number you have registered. You’ll also receive a code via email, insert it in the app to verify your email address too.

How can I modify my telephone number in appTaxi?

Every profile is created starting with a telephone number. If you have to modify your number you have to create a new profile. Remove the actual profile and proceed with a new registration.

How can I modify my email address in appTaxi?

If you have to modify your email address, go to your profile and click on the pencil in the email field. Type the new address, wait the code you’ll receive by email and insert it in the app.

Which payments methods are available in appTaxi?

With appTaxi you can pay:

  • by in-app payment with a registered credit card
  • by Satispay, Apple Pay and the main available wallets
  • by Bitcoin
  • to the taxi driver directly, by POS or cash

How can I remove my profile and cancel my data in appTaxi?

The correct process is the follow:

  • cancel your credit card in your account
  • remove your profile in the appropriate section
  • uninstall the app
  • unsubscribe from the newsletter

Spent 30 days all your data will be cancelled from our servers.


How can I call a taxi?

appTaxi tracks your position and your address on Google Maps. Clicking on “Call taxi” you can configure your ride selecting the necessary information, the type of payment and the characteristic of your taxi. When you have done, click on “Confirm”. appTaxi will connect to the radiotaxi and will request the closest taxi to you. When appTaxi will find your taxi, it will inform you the minutes of waiting.

Can I cancel a request of a ride?

Sure! If you need to cancel a request, click on “Cancel” immediately.

Can I book a taxi in advance?

Sure! You can book a taxi to 4 days in advance, specifying date and time, in the cities enabled and with different options.

How can I book a taxi in advance?

Type your starting address and click on “Call taxi”. Click on “Now” in the “Schedule” field and select the date and the time of your pick-up. Then configure your ride with the necessary information.

Where can I check my booking status?

You can check the status of your booking in the “Reservations” section of the Menu.

Can I know the cost of my ride in advance?

Sure! With appTaxi, if you set the starting point and the destination, you get three prices calculated on the basis of the traffic.

Why the price I have paid does not correspond to the estimated price?

The prices you got are a estimate prices calculated according to the parameters provided by third party maps, they might not consider the preferential lanes or or other unpredictable costs. They must be consider indicative.

Can I select the options of my taxi?

Sure! With appTaxi you can use filters to set the taxi according to your needs. In “Configure your order” section you can select the number of passengers, the presence of animals, the transport of disabled people, an hybrid or electric vehicle etc.

Can I save a ride in the favourites?

Sure! After configuring your ride, before sending the request, click on the blue heart in the top right of the configuration screen. In this way your ride will be saved in Favourites and you can set it going in the Favourites section of the Menu when you need it.

How does it work the in-app payment?

To abilitate the in-app payment you have to register your credit card in the “Payment Management” section of appTaxi. To activate the section you first have to type a PIN of 4 numbers, then you can register your credit card.

How many credit cards can I register in appTaxi?

You can register more credit cards: using the Alias you can differentiate your credit cards and insert more then one, a private one or a business one. In the check-out step you’ll can choose with which credit card pay the ride.

Why after registering my credit card I have been charged of 0,50 €?

When you register a credit card in appTaxi we do an authorization of 0,50 € in order to check that you have insered a valid credit card. This is just a preauthorization, the money will be returned into your account in a few days.

The in-app payment is secure?

The in-app payment is provided by BancaSella, our italian partner and leader inthe national e-commerce. Thanks to iframe and tokenization services appTaxi guarantee the maximum security because the financial data are introduce in BancaSella servers exclusively and the token generated is only to appTaxi.

Can I have the digital receipt of my ride?

Sure! If you pay the ride with the in-app payment, after paying, you’ll receive the receipt of the ride via email.

Instead, if the payment is done to the taxi driver directly, you have to request the receipt to the driver.

Can I have the invoice of my ride?

If you need the invoice of the ride you have to request it to the taxi driver because he is a VAT holder and only him can issue it.

Loyalty Programs

How can I register a fidelity card?

If you have a fidelity card of one or more appTaxi’s partner programs, enter the “Loyalty card” section of the Menu and type the card number in the appropriate field, being careful to insert it correctly. Enable the card and save the configuration.

How can I earn miles and points?

To earn miles and points you have to request and pay the taxi ride with the app. Register a valid credit card, then register your fidelity card and enable it. For every in-app payment you’ll receive mile or points according to the terms and conditions of the different Partner Loyalty Programs. Visit the landing pages dedicated to the Partner Programs on our website!

I have not receive the accreditation of the points of my ride, what can I do?

The accreditations are done in one solution or for every ride. If within the following month from the ride you’ll not receive the accreditation, contact us.


If you’re waiting your taxi and you receive a call by a private number, it could be the taxi driver that need to contact you. We suggest you to answer the telephone!

When you received the confirmation of your request, memorize the name of the taxi in order to be secure to take the vehicle assigned to you.

When you call a taxi and the app tracks your position by the GPS, check that it is correct before confirming your request. The GPS could be wrong too! Rember to insert in the Note field every landmarks can help the taxi driver to find your position easily, like bar, libraries, crossroads etc.

Business customer FAQ

Use of the service

How can I use the service?

Create a coupon in the appropriate section in appTaxi. Tell the five numbers code to the taxi driver when you have to pay the ride. The voucher authorize you to not pay the ride and to account to your company’s account.

Come posso usufruire del servizio?

Se la tua azienda non è convenzionata e vuoi avviare il servizio, contattaci!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us!