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¿Quieres hacer crecer tu negocio? ¿Quieres ampliar la gama de servicios que ofreces a tus clientes?

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Developers area


Have you ever thought about offering a taxi service to your customers? If you have an app or a mobility app, expand your business and increase the services for your customers by integrating the appTaxi fleet.

If your Company has an intranet you can integrate the access to the taxi service for your employees. We guarantee a secure integration in your company’s app. The benefits for you are: rides reports and more control over the trips of your employees.

Have you an accessibility app? Add the service taxi too. We give you the assistance to develop dedicated accessible mobility services.


Do you want to insert a monetization system in your app?

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Developers area

Rest API & Staging

We have an API Rest set with a staging environment to allow an HostApp to integrate itself in appTaxi and insert rides.

There are two available environments for the developer:

  • test environment

  • production environment: in this environment the HostApp have the access to the taxi fleet and to the appTaxi services.

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